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MD Conseils accompanies agri-food businesses, industry, retail, transport and logistics prestaire for over 5 yearsans.


In this segment of the market is a priority emergency, MD Conseils responds quickly to the demands of its customers. MD Tips can provide you with one of its engineers as part of Transition Management.


Our firm works primarily in the following areas, transport, logistics, Supply Chain, Green supply chain, Green Logistics, Urban Logistics, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).


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MD Expert in transition

Do you have the skills to build a Green Supply Chain?

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept in which companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders.

For the skeptics, it means a new standard for the more ambitious, this means that every business on its own level participie to green growth, and improves quality of life and that of its employees and makes it more ethical business .

Apart from all controversies, it is possible that the transport world and industry can become virtuous and économiqement écologiquement.MD Conseils will support you for a successful transition eco reponsable.

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MD Conseils MD Conseils as you have seen throughout these pages, is a law firm committed to respecting the environment. Environmental compliance means growth for pioneering companies.

More and more customers require their suppliers to comply with ISO 26000 standards, have signed protocols of CSR etc ... We can bring you our added value to your efforts in terms of CSR also turns into a commercial success.

The word "green" is now employed indiscriminately for us this value is symbolic of growth that we can adapt to your distribution network, see your logistics to be more comprehensive in the whole supply chain.

Transportation is an important vector in the management of the first and last kilometers, it is important for the brand image of a charger that this vector synonymous with pollution finally takes a different color.

We would be delighted to assist you in your projects.

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